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Application Portfolio Optimization

On average, companies use only half of their applications daily. Over time, organizations add applications and infrastructure without engaging in efforts to optimize their existing inventory. Inevitably, this leads to unused or underutilized apps that waste resources and decrease efficiency. Maintenance for these unused applications drive ever-increasing costs over time and can have a dramatic effect on overall IT cost trends. Maintenance costs constrain IT budgets and crowd out new projects and innovation that can add value to the company. This challenge is complicated further by merger and acquisition events.

WGroup helps clients optimize the application portfolio—from rationalizing the application portfolio to removing outdated, obsolete, or redundant items and defining the to-be application environment. We guide our clients in the best utilization of limited IT resources, providing the greatest business impact at the lowest run cost.

Simplify. Modernize. Transform.

We can help define your current application portfolio, conduct an application rationalization exercise, and build a governance framework to sustain portfolio hygiene. We tailor the engagement to suit your objectives:

Application Portfolio Optimization Objectives

Our highly experienced experts will build a business case for technology standardization and strategize your transition plan from current state to future state. We will review the current stack against future product roadmap and industry trends and advise on areas where your current technology stack may be an impediment to future product strategy.

And most importantly, we will show the impact of standardization on revenues, operating costs, and break down the implementation costs to define a return on investment. When done successfully, application portfolio optimization will help your IT organization:

  • Achieve significant savings
  • Drive down future costs exponentially
  • Improve staff skills and capabilities
  • Increase productivity of tools and processes

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Featured Expert - Julius Sarkozy

Julius Sarkozy

Julius is an information technology leader offering 25 years of senior IT management experience spanning strategy, application development, infrastructure, process improvement and support. Read More


How do you slash IT spend and modernize as part of business as usual? The answer: application portfolio rationalization.

To meet changing customer demands and evolving business requirements, organizations regularly evaluate and deploy new applications.