IT Service Management

Business-IT Governance

The purpose of IT governance is to drive IT strategic alignment with business priorities, evaluate and approve IT investments from an enterprise perspective, and ensure that IT delivers a superior level of service to the business. Governance is often managed by a board of IT and business leaders and provides a framework and discipline for:

  • Quick, efficient, and transparent decision making
  • Optimizing IT service delivery across all enterprise operating units
  • Ensuring consistency with the overall business strategy and operating model, IT strategy, and enterprise architecture
  • Maximizing the business value of IT investments
  • Balancing the competing needs of different operating units
  • Ensuring accountability for decisions and outcomes

WGroup has extensive experience in the creation and optimization of IT governance organizations. We take a pragmatic approach to engaging the business in developing meaningful governance that accelerates the impact of IT.

  • Governance assessment
  • Governance design
  • Governance implementation
  • Governance optimization
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