Cost & Run Optimization

Cost Assessment and Benchmarking Advisory

As IT and business leaders in a rapidly changing technology and skills landscape, we are all too familiar with the challenge of balancing cost and budget constraints with pressures to further transformation efforts to improve service delivery, speed, and user experience.

A key aspect of managing this challenge lies in identifying opportunities to reduce run costs to fund growth and transformation efforts.

WGroup's benchmarking advisory capability houses deep financial modeling and analysis expertise to help clients understand their true cost of service delivery—whether retained or outsourced—and how this cost compares to the market.

Our models are flexible to account for the uniqueness and practicalities inherent in every business, and is built from the ground up to give you visibility of the actual cost of services, not just a budget fly-over. Plus, they are designed to address what-if scenarios around changes in service profiles and the corresponding impact on cost structures.

We benchmark costs across internal service delivery and vendor-contract pricing based on our proprietary database of retained cost assessments and sourcing advisory engagements. And we have the distinction of being the only benchmarker to staff highly tenured industry advisors on every engagement, as opposed to inexperienced spreadsheet analysts housed in research back offices.

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