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IT Assessment

Running an IT function is a complex job, and complex issues often arise. Whether triggered by the need to reduce cost, optimize efficiency, improve service quality, drive better speed, or elevate the value IT contributes to the business, WGroup is regularly retained to provide an outside-in view of the quickest path to the right action.

We have experience conducting IT assessments for organizations of all sizes and led both high-level and deep-dive evaluations of infrastructure, applications, end-user services, network, vendor contracts, costs, organizational models, and core IT processes.

We conduct a 360-degree assessment of an IT function to evaluate opportunities for unlocking short-term value.

IT Assessment

Strategic Alignment

Effectiveness of mechanisms for ensuring business alignment and accountability in projects


Comprehensiveness, maturity, and redundancy

Infrastructure & Apps

Suitability, scalability, security, age, and utilization of industry best practices

People & Organization

Skills, capabilities, and organization structure

Sourcing & Contracts

Utilization of outsourcing and global service delivery in comparison to best practices, evaluation of possible value, and business case recommendations


IT cost analysis by function and activity and reviewing existing IT contracts, spend audits, and comparisons to market rates

A well-rounded IT assessment can not only pinpoint inefficiencies in service delivery enhancement approaches, but also highlight opportunities that could lead to additional value add to the business.

Our experts will:

  • Review current state operations across people, process, and technology
  • Assess current costs, and benchmark relative to market
  • Diagnose issues and recommend an improvement plan

IT optimization is more than outsourcing and reducing costs. It’s about modernizing infrastructure and applications, improving efficiency, and creating value. Ultimately, it is about allocating your resources into the right projects, people, and technologies to drive business results and performance.

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Featured Expert

Featured Expert - Jeff Romano

Jeff Romano

Vice President – Consulting
Jeff Romano brings more than 30 years experience to WGroup. He has held senior IT management positions in various industries, including an engagement that exceeded $1.9 billion in total contract revenue. Read More


The disruptive nature of tech-native competitors demands IT to be run with greater efficiency and lower cost. So why aren’t more IT organizations shifting digital transformation into high gear?

How your company views and approaches technology can make the difference between gaining a competitive edge or losing it