Cost & Run Optimization

License Software Negotiation and Audit Advisory

There are few things as time-consuming, disruptive, risky, and painful as a software license negotiation or dealing with a software audit. With a significant risk of millions in costs, you should never attempt to handle it without expert representation.

Whether it’s Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, or Adobe, we have the expertise to defend you and to minimize your cost obligations of enterprise software licenses. With WGroup, you’ll realize cost savings (or cost avoidance) without compromising the integrity of your compliance obligations.

We will guide you through the entire process including:

  • Obtaining the best price and terms for every enterprise software purchase
  • Providing an internal compliance audit and point of view before the vendor
  • Interpreting a software vendor’s license review or audit in your favor
  • Helping you stay compliant with both Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and fundamental changes in your software vendor’s licensing
  • Assisting you in fully understanding your licensing responsibilities and needs so that you can manage any risk associated with being improperly licensed

Services offered

License reviews

Optimizing, customizing, and simplifying your organization’s software license agreements and support contracts

Audit advisory

Comprehensive software license audit reviews or responses that include expert guidance through the auditing process, achievement of a mutually acceptable outcome, and effective mitigation of outcome risks

Cloud migration planning

Comprehensive licensing and subscription advisory regarding cost savings, licensing impacts, and future planning, as well as guidance on the optimal cloud migration strategy and approach to using new and existing on-premise licenses, also known as bring-your-own-license


Full access to WGroup’s analysts in a flexible and customized manner, allowing you to proactively and effectively manage your software asset management program

Vendor-specific services

License review Audit advisory Retainer Cloud

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