Outsourcing Advisory

RFP to Contract and Renewals

Executing on an outsourcing vendor evaluation or renewal effort requires skills and experience not always found within existing sourcing organizations. As the sourcing marketplace consolidates, prices fall, standard terms change, new service models are created, and potential regulatory constraints are on the horizon. This is an important time to bring external experience into a sourcing transaction.

WGroup provides end-to-end sourcing advisory services to help organizations form win-win agreements with the best-fit service providers at the right price. Working in connection with sourcing and procurement, WGroup brings a wealth of external knowledge, experience, and data, including:

  • Market pricing data
  • Vendor capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Industry-standard terms and conditions (especially around areas of flexibility to limit lock-in and risk)
  • Industry-standard service level structures
  • Negotiation positions service providers will accept vs. their opening positions
  • Lessons learned to help you avoid the mistakes of others in transition and ongoing governance

WGroup is a truly independent and sourcing-agnostic advisory firm. WGroup does not take financial compensation from any service provider through sponsorship, research, or lead referral programs. Our impartial recommendations are made purely on the basis of long-term value for our clients.

  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Infrastructure service delivery
  • Help desk, service desk, and end-user services
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Application development
  • Network and telecommunications management
  • Managed services
  • Shared services
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