Outsourcing Advisory

Sourcing Strategy

We believe that a well-defined strategy accelerates outcomes, and in-sourcing initiatives, especially a thoughtful strategy, is vital to ensuring service delivery effectiveness. Optimizing run costs requires an evaluation of what work should get done, where should it get done, and who should do it. These questions often guide IT and business leaders to consider outsourcing—through managed services, staff augmentation, or shared services—so that service can be delivered at better quality, with greater speed, at lower cost.

WGroup utilizes structured, but flexible, methods and tools to align sourcing efforts with top-line business and IT strategy. Our sourcing strategy assessment and development engagements begin with a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s infrastructure and application portfolio, business processes, organization and resource models, existing contracts, current service levels, and costs. We help define core and non-core services, we model the potential cost and service benefits, and we measure the associated risk of sourcing to external and internal stakeholder groups to help define the best-fit sourcing strategy to optimize the run environment.

  • Service delivery transformation
  • Run cost optimization
  • Technical debt elimination
  • Financial analysis and cost of service delivery
  • Accelerated adoption of new capabilities and technologies
  • Vendor evaluation and restructuring
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