Why So Many IT Organizations are Stuck in the Past

Aug 14, 2019

A little over five years ago, there was no Instacart. But today, the same-day grocery delivery service is on a tear, with operations in 5,500 cities across the US and Canada, and a valuation of $7 billion as of October 2018. It’s left many retailers scratching their heads as to how a young startup figured out a service that they have been struggling to build for years.

It’s no secret that Instacart’s streamlined infrastructure, user-friendly platform, and a wide selection of products made it a near-overnight success in 2012. By focusing on delivering a great experience for the end-user, and taking a novel approach to selling products from several partner supermarkets, Instacart was able to succeed where others have failed. And it’s far from the only example.

As technological progress accelerates, so will more companies fall prey to new, nimble competitors. Industries are being disrupted at alarming rates, and companies cannot afford to ignore the possibility that theirs will be next. Businesses will have to evolve and adapt to defend against its technology-driven competitors, and in turn, become the tech-driven competitor in its market.

Trouble is, many IT organizations are still stuck in their old, familiar ways:

These changes are rewriting the narrative of IT, shifting it from a siloed support entity to the core of a modern digital business. The IT strategy of the future is not an IT strategy at all—it is a business strategy.

It’s time for the IT leadership to rethink how it views technology and approaches new challenges—organizationally, operationally, and technically.

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